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What are the best local stores in Kootenai County?

I am continually asked about locally-owned, preferably patriotic, stores in Kootenai County and I’m finally starting a running list of stores to patron this holiday season. I have broken it down into many categories below; I am hoping that all these stores eventually get added to the Patriot Economic Network for if and when our social media ever shuts down.

The reason I say “preferably patriotic” is because I know Pilgrim’s Market is local but they’re not necessarily patriotic, although they didn’t cause us grief during the mask mandate. Super 1 is local and didn’t cause grief during mandates, although recently they had one little incident that was cleared up quickly. But those are the types of incidents that can only get cleared up if they’re local and if they are reasonable and open to change I want to include them here.

I need your help!

I don’t get out much – unless there’s a meeting involved – and I know you guys have all the answers so if you could help a sista out by giving me the stores that are locally-owned, preferably patriotic, that we should patron this holiday season.

I have divided the list into multiple categories of stores; I have also added an "Other" category at the end in case there was a category I missed. Please list all the businesses you can even if they seem obvious; my mind can get jumbled quickly and I don't want to miss anything. Also, don't worry if a business overlaps different categories, just list them every time they offer something in a category that comes up.

Please give me your ideas down below at the very bottom of this post in the comments section. :)


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