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Post Falls City Council Meeting Recap 1/2/24


Kerri Thoreson

The January 2 Post Falls City Council meeting was one of the fastest meetings in recent years. Although Mayor Johnson was absent, Council President Kerri Thoreson took over facilitating the meeting in his place. After approving the consent calendar, the only items on the agenda were to wave goodbye to the outgoing councilmembers, swear in the newly elected members, and electing a new Council President.

Lynn Borders

Council President Thoreson has been on the city council for the past 12 years and Councilor Lynn Borders has been a councilman for the past 8 years. Both Thoreson and Borders said a few comments before stepping down from their positions. We thank them for their long-time service and countless hours volunteering for their city.


Newly-electees Samantha Steigleder, Randy Westlund, and Joe Malloy were sworn in and Steigleder and Westlund took the seats vacated by Thoreson and Borders. Once everyone was seated the council elected Joe Malloy to be the new Council President who then took over the end of the meeting. Malloy mentioned this is the first time that he has ever seen one Council President open the meeting and another one close the meeting. 

Swearing In

Joe Malloy’s first action as Council President was to adjourn the meeting at 6:15pm, making it one of the shortest city council meetings in recent history.


Full meeting video below or livestreamed here.

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