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New RINO Group In Town – And We’re On the Right Side of That Group

Hi guys, I wanted to give you a quick update of yesterday’s fun events. If you’d rather watch a video update I put it below.

We got a tip a few hours in advance that there was going to be a press conference announcing some new political group at 1pm. The media made a beeline down to the CDA Library where a new group made an announcement that they are not going to affiliate with the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee or anyone that is considered associated with them. This new group call themselves North Idaho Republicans and one can almost smell the desperation in their announcement knowing that they’re losing elections left and right.

The entire 25-minute announcement was the group trying to convince the liberal media that they weren’t RINOs, with Paul Amador and Pete Riggs in the background cheering them on.

Here’s the problem with them though: they, the “Founding Members” keep saying they’re not RINOs but their actions speak louder than their words. RINO means Republican in Name Only and if who they endorse for the primary should be any indication of their true nature, this list should scare any conservative in North Idaho.

The funny part is that they put Ron DeSantis and Dinesh D’Souza on this list to try and appease the conservatives….but they also include Brad Little in this list who is the exact OPPOSITE of DeSantis. They also include Dinesh, which, if my memory serves me, Dinesh was in CDA for a Kootenai County Republican Lincoln Day Dinner….the same KCRCC that this North Idaho Republicans group denounces on their website!

Look, their Dinesh picture is one from the KCRCC Lincoln Day dinner. Dopes.

The donation list of those “Founding Members” is just the icing on the cake. We tend to see the same names that pop up repeatedly. You can check out all donations from these people at

I spent most of the day yesterday watching my daughter play 3 softball games, but when I got home I found out that I have been named TWICE as one of the “Not for Us” websites from the North Idaho Republicans! What an honor to be included with this group! I don’t know why the Bushnell Report isn’t on this list but I’m sure it’ll be updated soon.

My websites included in this "Not For Us" list.

Idaho Common Ground is an event website of upcoming, non-government events happening around the county. It is a conglomeration of partners who are dedicated to taking back our counties, state, and our country to a true, conservative, God-centric nation.

Local Kootenai County news to ensure everybody is aware of the happenings around the county. This has grown into including regional and statewide news that will affect us in Kootenai County.

I just started doing this stuff by going to meetings and writing down what I saw. You read it and also became aware of what was happening. Apparently North Idaho Republicans considers this – and YOU – a threat and don’t want you to know what’s happening.

They’re scared, folks. You make them scared because you’re onto their games and they’ve been on Easy Street for decades. But no longer. Let’s keep them on the run, let’s get the candidates on the KCRCC suggested ballot elected. And let’s get Idaho conservative once more!


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