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CDA Schools Needs a Therapy Session about Enrollment

CDA School District is going through budget issues this year and next. Enrollment is DOWN - again - and the school district does not have enough students to pay for the amount of staff they have on hand. Next fiscal year (which starts July 1, 2024) is ALREADY in the hole $6 MILLION. CDA Schools is going to have to make some TOUGH decisions and it probably wouldn't be such a hard pill to swallow if they weren't always acting snooty towards anyone questioning why they were frivolously spending money.

District Enrollment

Do I think this administration caused all the problems?


I think they inherited a lot of issues from prior administrations but they have had their fair share of budget increases.

Do I think they would have gotten a handle on things better if they were honest about why the supplemental levy failed the first time instead of threatening parents/families with cutting everything if they didn't pass a levy?

Yes. Anyone who has a basic understanding of budgets and wasn't drinking the public school Kool Aid could (and did!) see that CDA Schools was in over their heads.

What gets me though, even after all the problems they had passing the levy and fighting parents with pornographic books in the libraries, boys in girls bathrooms, woke teacher conferences, principals pressuring teachers to vote yes for the levy, etc., is that Shocker is STILL not even asking the real question about WHY enrollment numbers are down.


Shocker says the enrollment is down because of lower birth rates 🙄, more educational options, higher housing prices, and an older population is moving in. The only 2 I agree with are the more educational options and higher housing rates. Lower birth rates can be correlated directly back to more woke agendas destroying traditional families (note Shocker canceling school functions at family-friendly Skate Plaza because it's "too churchy").

Skate Plaza

Also, anyone who's actually lived here longer than 30 seconds knows that this area has ALWAYS been a retirement community that also happened to have families with children in it too. That is not a reason enrollment is down.

Want to know why enrollment is down?

Because parents woke up to the fact that the district is dripping in cultural Marxism hiding in Sources of Strength plain sight, the students test scores are abysmal before AND after C0vid (even though the teachers teach for the tests), the administration keeps pushing for more and more money yet the students' grades/tests are still low no matter how much money they get, and the students coming out of public schools have a harder time assimilating into the real world. C0vid showed us that the administration and teachers are willing to push an agenda without proof, forcing children to be locked out of the classrooms and onto computers, eventually being let back in but forced to wear masks. It also showed us that there are more liberal teachers and administrators in Coeur d’Alene than originally thought and with the push of masks, woke curricula, trans mental health bathroom "issues" and others, parents have had enough with the attitudes of teachers/administrators thinking that they have a right to be the Be All End All to a child's education instead of the child's own parents. That's where the education alternatives stepped in and boy! Kootenai County has a lot of great alternatives to public school!

Is what I'm saying a blanket statement for all teachers, administrators, students, and families? Absolutely not. There are VERY good people who work within the district who try their absolute hardest to navigate around terrible administrators, terrible parents, out of control students, and woke liberal teachers unions. HOWEVER, if Shocker and the administration ever wanted to have a REAL conversation about why enrollment was down, they had to look no further than their own public commenters for the past 4 years to see why they have a problem.

Lately they're saying they want to unify the community and build a transparent trust with everyone. They need to start by admitting the true reasons behind their $6 MILLION shortfall.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk. 😁

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