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Coeur d'Alene School District Boycotts Wholesome Family Entertainment

Note: The next board meeting is today at 5pm at the Midtown Meeting Center. It is the perfect time and place to share your thoughts (along with thoughts on the TWO levies they're trying to pass in March 2023).

Dr. Shon Hocker, superintendent of the CDA School District, has taken it upon himself to tell the CDA schools that they will be boycotting the use of Skate Plaza for fundraising in the future. Dr. Hocker has not brought up his boycott against Skate Plaza to the board in a public setting.

Pastor Paul Van Noy mentions in his Sunday sermon that it is because he told people to vote against the $80M school levy (that ultimately failed).

Other sources say that Dr. Hocker has said the boycott is because of the Christian music playing during skating.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the board - who has not given the superintendent directives for boycotting Skate Plaza - how you feel, please email them at That email address will go to all trustees.

If you do email the board, please make it short and sweet. Example below:

Attention CDA Board of Trustees:

In this time of division, Dr. Hocker has taken it upon himself to boycott Skate Plaza, one of the last wholesome family event centers in town. Coeur d'Alene needs more of these event centers and to have your superintendent boycott Skate Plaza, an indoor facility right before winter, because of personal feelings is a disgrace. For a district that says needs money, removing a fundraising location seems counterintuitive to your needs.

I demand Dr. Hocker make a public announcement that he is NOT boycotting Skate Plaza, apologizes to Skate Plaza and Candlelight, and will support the CDA School District using the event space as a low-cost fundraising facility in 2022 and beyond.

Thank you for your time,


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