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Girls Are Afraid to Use the School Restroom

A mom in the Coeur d'Alene School District has a daughter at Coeur d'Alene High School that just had an incident where a male walked into the girls restroom and proceeded to use the stall next to this girl. The front office said that they couldn't do anything about the male - who "identified" female (although he was wearing male clothing) but offered the girl to use a different restroom if she felt uncomfortable. No repercussion or request for the male to use a different restroom instead.

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Unfortunately there is no law or school district policy in place to protect the girls from something like this happening. The closest transgender procedures is the vague guidelines put in place in 2014.

The school district superintendent, Shon Hocker, said that there is nothing he could do to help in these situations and if girls don't feel comfortable with boys "identifying" as girls in their own bathrooms then they will have to be the ones to use different bathrooms.

This too bad, so sad attitude is the best you're going to get out of the Coeur d'Alene School District.

Why is this important?

Safety is the number ONE issue when it comes to separate bathrooms. We saw what happened in Loudoun County, Virginia, when a biological male "identifying" as female went into the bathroom and s3x*al a55aulted another female. When the school board did nothing and just transferred that student, the S.A. happened again at that other school. This is a huge issue with regards to safety not only for the the students but also the school district. Parents could sue or, in a very worst case scenario, snap and dispense vigilante justice. The tragedy that could happen is unthinkable and we don't want ANY family to go through a horrendous time.

There are some alternative options are available but we need your help.

There is a bill working it's way through the Idaho Senate right now, SB1100, that will establish policy to maintain separate bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. for biological boys and biological girls. Show your support for this bill by signing the above petition for the separation of bathrooms. Also by signing this petition you will tell the Coeur d'Alene School District that you support the board making policy to protect our children, parents, and the school district.

Next Steps

After signing the petition, I urge you to send emails to Shon Hocker ( and the CDA School Board (, attend the monthly school board meetings and sign up for public comment (the next meeting is March 13), and SHARE this post with everyone you know.

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10 mar 2023

Doesn’t anyone in the school system here read?

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