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2022 Legislative Session Begins Tomorrow, 1/10

The 2022 Idaho Legislative session begins tomorrow morning in Boise. It is going to be a session to watch for a myriad of reasons:

  1. This is an election year and it will be interesting to see how certain RINO legislators vote (coughPaulAmadorMarySouzaSageDixoncough)

  2. There is a Critical Race Theory bill that has been sitting and waiting for it’s day in the House. Senate Bill 1193 is the Senate version of House Bill 226 that will give $6M of FEDERAL grant money to an organization that will bring CRT-laden curriculum into the Idaho public schools. Read more about it here and here. This is the same $6M grant that was barely defeated in the House because Lt. Col. Priscilla Giddings stood up and gave an amazing speech on the House floor.

  3. Speaking of Priscilla Giddings, it is going to be an interesting session with her having to deal with Speaker of the House, and RINO Lt. Governor opponent, Scott Bedke. He has been accused of having a conflict of interest in the bogus ethics claim against Giddings last session and has made other questionable ethics decisions in the past that it is easy to question his ability to lead in higher offices.

  4. The people of Idaho are slowly waking up to the fact that Idaho is not as free as we thought, so there are more people paying attention now more than ever so all the representatives are going to be put under a microscope this session. To be apart of the commenting happening during the live meetings, head over to the KC Spectator Telegram channel during the session. Also, to get a read and high-level overview of the important bills, check out Growing Freedom Idaho.

Order of Events for Monday, January 10

*All times are in PST however Boise is in MST so they will be listed at a different time in the links below.

9:00am – Conservative Agenda 2022 press conference with our Liberty Legislators.

11:00amHouse Convenes

11:00amSenate Convenes

1:30pm – IACI Reception with Governor Little for all legislators at Yen Ching Restaurant. <--This will be an interesting meeting to see who attends….

Just a reminder:

It is election time in the state and all representatives and senators are up for election. The state is in the middle of redistricting and although those district lines are not final yet, we have to continue like those new lines are going to stay the way they are until we hear otherwise. (There’s currently 4 petitions waiting to be heard in the Idaho Supreme Court opposing these new maps but they will be argued on Friday, January 14th and it’s way too late to wait until that shakes out before starting a state campaign.)

Until we know more, I’m just going to post the voting scores for all reps/senators in districts 1-4 as they will continue to be representing us in 2022 and will give us an idea of how they will vote towards liberty-minded issues. This is the time to start paying attention, we have to be informed voters and we have to work together to spread the information to others. Teamwork makes the dreamwork. 😊





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