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Kootenai County Nov. 8 General Election Results

The November 8 general election was a roller coaster of emotions throughout the day, evening, and next morning; the Kootenai County ballots were not fully counted (outside the hundreds of write in ballots that had to be counted separately), and the Secretary of State website updated until approximately 9:30am Wednesday morning.

Below are the outcomes from Kootenai County voters. The full county results can be found here and the statewide election results can be found on the Secretary of State website here.

Note: Write-in races take A LONG time to register because each ballot with a write in candidate has to be manually entered into the system. It takes a 3-person team to enter each ballot manually into the system to ensure that each ballot was collected and logged properly so no issues are created. In this general election, in Kootenai County, there were 3 write-in candidate races and over 13,000 votes! The Elections office is not completely done with the write-in candidate tallies yet but it will not affect the outcomes below. All election results are unofficial until they are accepted by the county commissioners next week.

(The 2020 General Election had an 87% voter turnout.)

Overall the county did pretty well with some glaring disappointments, however we are all aware that we’re not going to win 100% of the time. It’s ok! It is ok to be sad for a second but politics is as crazy of a roller coaster than ever, and God puts people in the places he sees fit – no matter if we think they’re good or bad.

Here’s how the county did based on my suggested ballot.

Take a second to be sad or happy, put on your big kid pants, and shake it off. The small wins are great but let’s start working on getting some more small wins in the next round!

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