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Undiscriminating Food Drive and Christmas Kitchen

Did you hear about the Spokane Christmas Bureau withholding food items from needy until they were vaxxed and masked? Well we don't just sit around and let people discriminate with FOOD so we're doing something about it. I am proud to announce that the Kootenai County Spectator will be joining a slew of other patriots from around the region to QUICKLY organize a food drive and Christmas morning food kitchen to the Spokane needy - even those that AREN'T vaxxed. 🤯

Here's what we need:

  • Cash

  • Food items listed in the flyer

Donate to the locations listed on the flyer if you can. If you donate cash we will be purchasing food on Thursday to start cooking meals.

If you would like to donate time to help make the breakfast burritos or distribute on Christmas morning (between 8-10am), please contact

This is what we're about: we may not live in Spokane but anything that happens there affects us here. This is one of those situations that really need all hands on deck - even those across the border.

I am proud to attach my name and I hope to see you there!

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