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Coeur d'Alene School District Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Guidelines

Does everyone remember the uproar in the Caldwell School District, where parents found out that the school board was trying to pass transgender policy 3281 that would allow students of the opposite sex into bathrooms based on the child’s “preferred gender?” Remember when the Caldwell School Board of Trustees shut down the meeting early because of the parental outrage against these policies?

North Idaho parents sighed a bit of relief when we discovered that the Coeur d’Alene School District does NOT have its own Policy 3281 in place.

But is that actually true?

Recently parents were asking if the CDA School District had ANY sort of transgender policies like that of Caldwell and what they heard back was a bit of a shock:

These guidelines are NOT listed on the CDA Schools website as they are not official policy, but the secret guidelines have been in place since 2014 when the board was chaired by Christa Hazel (name ring a bell?) and these procedures were slipped through while the community was in turmoil about another LGBT policy.

The CDA secret administrative guidelines, put in place in 2014, isn’t as bad as the Idaho School Boards Association Policy 3281 but it does have some interesting parts:

The CDA School District administrative guidelines were put into place before the 2015 ISBA “model” policy 3281 came out (no pun intended) and at this juncture it doesn’t seem as bad as the ISBA model policy. CDA School District’s Executive Assistant to the Superintendent did, however, ask ISBA for a copy of the transgender policy in August 2022…and was given Policy 3281 – the same policy that has been used as the foundation in other Idaho school districts since 2015.

Click each image to download documents and compare.

Nothing has been done to move Policy 3281 forward in the CDA School District but let me ask you:

Should CDA School District have these non-public administrative guidelines in place?

Are these guidelines good enough?

Should they have a Policy 3281?

Is this a slippery slope?

If we had Policy 3281 will the same thing happen here as in Loudoun County (Virginia) School District?

What other non-public administrative guidelines does the CDA School District have?

Click to enlarge timeline.


Michael Drake
Michael Drake
Feb 14, 2023

please let us know what we can do to combat this


William Le
William Le
Feb 12, 2023

Nice write-up!

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