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Kootenai County-Wide Meetings Week of 6/10

Kootenai County

A weekly snapshot of meetings throughout the county that could affect our daily lives. These include city council, county commissioner, and school board meetings, as well as any non-partisan, elected-position meetings that the public should be following. Any agenda topics called out are the ones I believe to be hot topics and could have a long-lasting effect on our community. If there is no agenda listed, it's most likely because it's farther out than the 24 hours advance notice they are required to give. I try to capture as many meetings as possible, but if you see something glaringly absent, please let me know. The purpose of this post is to give you a head's up about the meetings happening each week and give you an opportunity to attend in person. If you can't attend in person, most of the time the meetings will be available to view live online or after the fact, so that you may still feel up to date on the topics at hand. Starting to attend meetings, commenting on livestream threads, and emailing your representatives thoughts about the subjects they covered are all ways you can get involved in the local political process. Thanks!

Note: The meetings in red are those that are hot topic issues or have a wide-reaching impact on the community.

Monday 6/10
  • 8:00am – CDATV Committee, No agenda listed

  • 12:00pm – CDA General Services/Public Works Commission, Agenda

  • 3:00pm – Hayden Urban Renewal Agency, Agenda


      • Owl Café Surplus Property/Auction Discussion

      • Budget Workshop

      • Criteria for Consultant Selection for Gov’t Way/Orchard Property Planning

  • 5:00pm – CDA School District Board of Trustees, Agenda

  • 5:30pm – Hayden Planning and Zoning Commission, Agenda

    • PUBLIC HEARING: One Place Church Annexation

  • 5:30pm – Post Falls School District, Agenda

  • 6:00pm – Dalton Irrigation District, Agenda

  • 6:00pm – Kootenai Classical Academy Board of Directors, Agenda

  • 6:30pm – Spirit Lake Urban Renewal Agency, Agenda

Tuesday 6/11
  • 10:00am – Kootenai County Commissioners Status Update, Agenda

  • 1:00pm – Friends of the Hayden Community Library Network, No agenda listed

  • 2:00pm – Kootenai County Commissioners Business Meeting, Agenda

  • 3:00pm – Kootenai County Board of Equalization, Agenda

  • 4:00pm – Special Meeting Community Library Network Spirit Lake, Agenda

    • AGENDA TOPIC: Discussion of Materials Selection and Acquisition Policy

  • 5:00pm – North Idaho Fair Board, Agenda

  • 5:00pm – Special Meeting Dalton City Council, Agenda

  • 5:00pm – Hayden City Council, Agenda

    • PUBLIC HEARING: Request to Amend Hayden City Code §9-3 Fire and EMS Impact Fees to include Kootenai County Fire & Rescue District & Public Hearing to Amend the adopted City of Hayden Fee Schedule to include the Kootenai County Fire & Rescue District Impact Fees

  • 5:30pm – CDA Planning and Zoning Commission, Agenda


      • Blue Fern Development: 0.7125 acre Spokane Riverfront parcel located at the intersection of W. Shoreview Ln and the terminus of N. Grandmill Ln. Proposed PUD modification replat of Mill River 1st Addition to Four (4) single family lots and one (1) private recreation tract.

      • Summit Holdings II: 2501 E Sherman Ave, commonly known as the Lake Villa Apartments.  Request a proposed amendment to the Lake Villa PUD to allow two new apartment buildings with 21 additional units.

      • Weter Bare Land: West of Ramsey Rd, south of Lopez Ave and east of Player Dr. Request a proposed R-34 Special Use Permit (SUP) to allow multifamily residential at 34 units per acre on a lot zoned C-17 that allows 17 units per acre by right.

  • 5:30pm – Post Falls Planning & Zoning Commission, Agenda

    • PUBLIC HEARING: North Place Subdivision

  • 6:30pm – Hauser City Council, No agenda listed

  • 6:30pm – Spirit Lake City Council, Agenda

Wednesday 6/12
  • 9:00am – Hayden Lake Sewer District Board of Directors, Agenda

  • 9:00am – Kootenai Shoshone Soil & Water Conservation District, No agenda listed

  • 9:00am – Worley Highway District Board of Commissioners, No agenda listed

  • 12:00pm – CDA Historic Preservation Commission, No agenda listed

  • 1:00pm – Special Meeting Hayden City Council, No agenda listed

    • AGENDA TOPIC: FY25 Budget Planning Workshop

  • 5:00pm – Dalton Water Association, No agenda listed

  • 5:00pm – Kootenai County Airport Advisory Board, Agenda

  • 6:00pm – Lakeland School District Board of Trustees, Agenda

  • 6:00pm – Rathdrum City Council, No agenda listed

Thursday 6/13
  • 8:30am – Friends of Tubbs Hill, No agenda listed

  • 9:00am – Kootenai County Parks and Waterways Advisory Board, Agenda

  • 10:00am – Kootenai County Community Development, Agenda

    • AGENDA TOPIC: Reconsideration of I90 Wolf Cell Site

  • 10:00am – Northern Lakes Fire Commissioners, Agenda


      • Annexation requests at Saddle Ridge Ranch Estates

  • 11:00am – Hayden Historic Preservation Commission, No agenda listed

  • 1:30pm – Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization, Agenda

  • 1:30pm – Kootenai County Planning and Zoning Commission Workshop, Agenda

    • AGENDA TOPIC: SCJ Alliance/DEQ Comp Plan Update

  • 2:00pm – Special Meeting Spirit Lake City Council, Agenda

    • AGENDA TOPIC: FY25 Budget Workshop

  • 4:00pm – Special Meeting Hayden City Open House, No agenda listed

    • AGENDA TOPIC: Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendments

  • 5:00pm – Kootenai School District Union Negotiations, Agenda

  • 6:00pm – Harrison City Council, No agenda listed

Friday 6/14
  • No meetings scheduled.

Happy Friday!

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