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Kootenai Health Informational Session Thursday, 12/8

A couple reminders about Kootenai Health:

  • This Thursday there is an “informational meeting” about why Kootenai Health thinks it’s a good idea to change from a public health facility to a private nonprofit.

  • Kootenai Health has been taking taxpayer money for years and has its own urban renewal authority to take land and more money away from the taxpayer.

  • Kootenai Health shut down most of the hospital during C0vid yet still took in more money than before. They also “let go” or didn’t renew contracts of multiple local healthcare workers during this time and are now paying traveling nurses (sometimes as much as $300 or more per hour) to supplement the “staff shortages.”

  • Do we need to talk about the forced masks and mandatory “suggested” vaxxx?

  • Now *somehow* the hospital is bleeding money and thinks that taking it nonprofit is the way to go.

  • Below is the white paper that was published about 24 hours before questions were due from the public. I highly suggest that you familiarize yourself with the thoughts behind the push to make the hospital private.

  • I have heard comments on this nonprofit push but this is the one I hear most often: the board is ramming this through and saying that the public is ok with it because no one shows up to say otherwise.

  • Below the white paper slide show is a viewer-submitted comment about her concerns after attending the latest Kootenai Health board meeting on 12/6. Think of these comments when making your overall opinion about the hospital transitioning to nonprofit.

This is your chance to show up, hear what they have to say, and make up your opinion from there. If you would like to discuss it further, feel free to post on the Kootenai County Spectator Telegram channel.

Thursday, December 8

CDA Inn/Best Western


Viewer-Submitted Comments Regarding the Kootenai Health Board Meeting on 12/6


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