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Don’t Forget to Vote Today

Please take some time out of your busy day to vote in the primary – the most important election in Idaho.

Having trouble deciding who the most conservative candidates are in the race? These candidates have been vetted and found to be the ones who are most for life, liberty, and the American Way.

OK it’s truth, justice, the American Way but you get the gist. 😊

The RINOS, Democrats, CDA Press, globalist companies, and many other special interest groups have been pushing hard to sway your vote towards the liberal candidates but hopefully you have the tools to make the best, informed decision today.

Having trouble finding your polling location? Click the link below.

If you are wanting to be in a community this evening to watch the results come in, Kootenai County Spectator, Artful Dodger Tattoo, and Lyfe Coffee Roasters are having an election night watch party starting at 7pm. At the party you will be able to watch the Election’s office livestream of the ballot counting as well as results from around the state. There will also be charcuterie boards for grazing (until supplies last) and drinks will be 25% off menu price.

I will be at Lyfe for a little bit in the early evening, but I will be taking up post at the Elections office watching the ballot count, live-Telegramming throughout the night.

Citizens Alliance of Idaho said it best:

Don’t pass up this critical chance to have a say in Idaho’s future. Do your part by getting out to vote for the candidate who will best represent you today. Support the candidate who will support Idaho’s State Constitution as well as the U.S. Constitution.

Idaho is ours to fight for. And ours to win.

I hope to see you tonight because it’s party time.


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