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Coeur d’Alene’s ‘New Republicans’ Group Swear at & Push Local During Meeting...

..With Mostly Liberal Media in Attendance — North Idaho Conservatives Not Fooled

The Liberal Media Supports the ‘New Republicans’

With less than 10 supporters in attendance, the newly formed ‘North Idaho Republicans’ held a meeting at the Coeur d’Alene library where dozens of conservatives protested.

While one local conservative appeared before the group holding a sign that read “Fake Republicans” — he was surrounded, pushed, and two individuals attempted to take the sign out of his hands.

The individual who wishes not to be named, said “one of them told me to leave and then pushed me.” “They tried to steal my sign” he said, adding “they were yelling swear words at me.”

The audience was mostly filled with liberal medias journalists, including Mike Patrick of the CDA Press, who swore at local residents inside of the library.

The newly formed group has listed on their website all of their members, many of which are prominent names, including Jack Riggs, the father of Jennifer Drake who Chairs the controversial Arts Commission in Coeur d’Alene.

The newly formed group, which purports to address the ‘incivility’ within Coeur d’Alene’s Republican Party, has introduced themselves to the community by pushing locals, shouting vulgarities, while liberal media groups filled the seats.


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