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City Voting Day!

Today is voting day! Now is your opportunity to have input on who sits on the city councils, school boards, and fire commissions.

Voting ONLY takes place at the individual polling locations; the Elections office is NOT the place to go and they will turn you towards your individual precinct polling location. If you need to know where to vote, click the box below to use the Idaho Secretary of State's Polling Location Finder.

There is a lot of information floating around to help you make informed decisions but for this election cycle the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee still has the best candidates for the positions.

If you live in Coeur d'Alene or Hayden, I did some research and made videos regarding candidates in both cities:

Where to View Results

If you want to be around like-minded friends and watch the elections roll in, there will be an election watch party at Lyfe from 7-11pm. Food and drinks will be available for purchase until 10pm.


The Elections office has a YouTube livestream to watch the ballot counting in live time which does NOT turn off until after the statute-mandated timeframe.


The Kootenai County Spectator Telegram channel will have live-Telegramming (as much as possible) at the Elections office by Erin and discussing the results after the polls close at 8pm.


Results will start to come in after the polls close at 8pm. Get to the results when they start to come in by clicking below.

I hope this day brings you hope for the future knowing that there is the potential to bring change and new life into the county. Whether your candidate wins or not, we learn important points for future elections and I hope we can take away more positives than negatives from this experience. Happy Election Day and good luck to the candidates!

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