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CDA Press Published Multiple Far-Left Letters Encouraging Non-Republicans to Register as Republican

The lying media is at it again.

The CDA Press has taken it upon themselves to publish numerous letters encouraging their readers to register as republican and vote in closed Republican primaries. This tactic, which has become a point of derision in Idaho politics, is boldly encouraged within Coeur d’Alene’s only newspaper.

In one of the letters published by the CDA Press, the author says “It is absolutely critical for each and every voter in the state to make themselves heard in the Republican primary,” — implying Democrats should switch parties to ‘make their voice heard.’

In another letter published by the CDA Press, the anonymous author says “Kootenai County unaffiliateds (and there were 29,610 of you as of Dec. 1), register Republican so you have a say in what goes down in the May 17 GOP primary. Do it here and laugh in the stooges’ faces.”

“laugh in the stooges faces”

That author could not help but go on and reveal themselves to be a far-left extremest, by prefacing their professed election-tricks with the same kind of racism as one would expect to be published within the CDA Press.

These articles go on and on, while the editor, Mike Patrick, refuses to address their inherently subversive nature.

These backhanded tactics have been encouraged by the media, and used by non-Republicans for decades. Only now are these tricks beginning to get some attention, as Republicans continue to call out their local media for their lying and disingenuous political antics.

Original article here.

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