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Call to Action: Sign Up for House State Affairs Testimony


I was just given word that the House State Affairs Committee will be meeting tomorrow although it's NOT listed on the calendar!

Here's the kicker:

EVERY religious freedom, medical exemption, discrimination bill is being discussed tomorrow morning.

UPDATE: Tuesday's agenda was changed last-minute (only a few minutes ago) and now only a few bills will be discussed tomorrow but don't be surprised if the rest will be discussed on Wednesday. We need ALL bills to have people signed up for testimony so sign up for a few or sign up for all, the committee NEEDS to hear how it affects YOU!

Testimony begins at 8:30am PST so you have to sign up before then for comment!

Personal anecdotes about how this bill will affect you & your family preferred.

Click here to sign up for testimony. The testimony will be held through Zoom so be prepared for a link to come your way after signing up.

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