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Smart Cities Meetings This Week

There are two "smart city" meetings this week for your viewing pleasure.

August 10, 1:30pm @ Post Falls City Hall

The Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization is having their first meeting after the double town halls last week and after cancelling the July meeting. This meeting is supposed to have the vote regarding the Traffic Management Center and is hoping that everyone can attend in person.

August 12, 3:00pm @ Hayden Public Library

Health Freedom Idaho and Dr. Brooke Baggett-Milbourne is offering a free screening of InPower's presentation to show you how to reclaim your authority and hold those in positions of power accountable for harm caused. If you want to know how to combat smart cities and 5G, this presentation is for you. Dr. Brooke will be holding Q&A following the presentation.

Kootenai County Spectator doesn't necessarily endorse any community events but want to give you all the available options for your information.

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