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UPDATED: Shop Local This Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

12/1 Edit: I have updated my original list with the overwhelming feedback I received once it went out. THANK YOU!

I have taken all the collective feedback from the website, email, Telegram, and Facebook, and compiled a list of the local patriot small businesses to help give you ideas this holiday season. Not only is the goal to shop local this year and stand with those businesses, but also to encourage those businesses to continue to stand with the people in times of difficulty.

My criteria for business inclusion was pretty straightforward: if the business was recommended to me I would look back over the past two years and see how they treated customers during the bogus lockdowns and mandates. There are a few companies that I don't know anything about and I'm adding them hoping people agree. There were a few companies that were recommended but left off this list (hello Costco), there are a few that wouldn't consider themselves "patriots" but were very "patriot-friendly" during the C0v years, and there are a few that have had a slipup here or there (lookin' at you Super 1). The kicker is that these are businesses that we may not agree with their policies, but because they're local we can physically go in, speak with management, and get policies CHANGED. We all know it's not the case with corporations who don't care whether we shop at their stores or not.

Remember this is a community-sourced list and people may feel differently about a few of the suggestions. It's ok! There's plenty of recommendations for everyone and I promise you'll find a few companies that suit your style more than others. Also, many stores were added since the first iteration of this list but one can never be too sure that a store hasn't been accidentally left off so if you know of more, send them my way and I'll keep them ready for the next list.

I hope you guys like it, and please feel free to share far and wide with everyone who it in Kootenai County. I have a pdf version if you want to print it out.

Download PDF • 284KB

Happy Thanksgiving!

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