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Post Falls Planning Office Seeing Permit Slowdown

Updated: Aug 9, 2023

The Post Falls Planning Commission was light on agenda items last night which gave the commissioners a chance to ask Planning Manager Jon Manley about what they're seeing come through the planning office. Manley was able to give general observations:

  • Reduction in single-family unit permit applications.

  • Some reduction in interest developers looking at properties for subdivision applications.

  • There is a continued pursuit of commercial/industrial development.

  • There is still some interest in multi-family units.

  • It is believed that it's the interest rates/economy that is causing the slowdown on the single-family unit permits. Other planners in the county are seeing the same thing so it's not necessarily just a Post Falls issue, it's an economy/interest rates issue.

  • Manley spoke with one of the engineering firms and they're saying things are still busy for them.

Next month the Planning Commission will be discussing the annual impact fees report which will could commercial projects in about 6-12 months, so that is when they are assuming they will start seeing a possible slowdown in commercial development.

The Planning Commission meeting was adjourned 10 minutes after it started.

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