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Kootenai Health Requiring Vax Jabs or You're Fired



Join our Kootenai Healthcare workers - and ALL healthcare workers - as they stand up this Saturday to show that they say NO to mandatory vaccines!

This Saturday, December 11, at 10am at the corner of Hwy. 95 and Ironwood in Coeur d'Alene. Bring signs showing showing support for the staff's right to choose, bring bullhorns to everyone in the surrounding area can hear, and bring FRIENDS to join this fight! If we don't stand up for our doctors and nurses then who will?

What Happened?

On Tuesday, November 30, the U.S. District Court Western District of Louisiana approved a nationwide injunction to to block an emergency order that mandated all healthcare workers to receive a C0vid injection.

That's great!

In Kootenai County we thought that meant local doctors and nurses were going to be allowed to keep their jobs because there was no federal unconstitutional mandate trying to keep everyone vaccinated. A HUGE weight was lifted off people's shoulders because no mandate meant no forced vaxx, no forced vaxx meant no employment terminations.

We were wrong.

By December 3rd Kootenai Health has decided to throw all Constitutional unalienable rights out the window and are continuing with the forced vaccinations. Employees have until December 21st to be jabbed or get an approved exemption, otherwise they are unemployed.

Four days before Christmas.

Kootenai Health will not approve any religious exemptions unless the employees explicitly explains why their religion is against C0v jabs, and if Kootenai Health doesn't like the explanation, they reserve the right to fire said employee.

Kootenai Health Emails to Employees

We hope you and everyone you know can make it this Saturday!

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Dec 08, 2021

If KH doesn't want to abide by the laws of Idaho then they can move their business across state lines into WA. I've met a few people who would be happy to take over operations at that property and will treat all people with dignity, respect and not kill them.

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