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Hayden is trying to rezone 500 homes and the KCRCC needs your help!

The Hayden City Council is trying to rezone single family residences into multi-use zoning. This was the zoning project that got all county residents fired up last year because they were trying to put apartments in with mixed retail space off of Hayden Ave which would increase density even more! Because of all the resident backlash they pushed the zoning planning out a year and it's time again to get fired up about it.

The Kootenai County Republican Central Committees is looking for volunteers to help pass out literature to the affected residences, and let them know the implications of property values if this rezoning happens. This project shouldn't take too long if they have many volunteers to help. Hope to see you there this Saturday at the Hayden Super 1!

From the Kootenai County Republican Central Committee: Good evening, Patriots!

Volunteers are needed to pass out literature to over 500 homes in Hayden informing them of an informational meeting that will discuss the possibility of rezoning in their neighborhood. The canvas is Saturday, June 25th, from 1:30-4PM. Meet at the Super 1 parking lot in Hayden at 1:20PM. Maps and flyers will be provided.

Location: Super 1, 240 W Hayden Ave

Date and Time: Saturday, June 25th, 1:20PM

Thank you!

Nina Beesley

KCRCC Volunteer Coordinator

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