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Guest: Former Coeur d'Alene School Trustee Discusses School Levy

Coeur d’Alene School District 271 is asking you to vote for a permanent levy that will be on every future tax bill you receive. Normally a supplemental levy ends and a new one is voted on every few years. CDA School District mailer advertises, “Locks in amount, so no need to vote on this again!” Please note, it does not say they will not ask for an additional levy on top of securing a permanent one.

Two trustees believed this was wrong and voted against taking away our opportunity to vote. Although, the local activists continually chant “They are stealing our democracy”, they are silent on removing this voting privilege.

I am not telling you how to vote or analyzing the financial merits of this levy. I am pro-education. While previously serving as a trustee on the CDA School Board, I supported a responsible building bond. I actively worked for the passage of KTEC. I am a retired public-school teacher who believes in local control, and I do not believe in hampering voting.

It is likely another levy will be requested if this one fails. Hopefully, the trustees will eliminate the request for permanency. Then residents can vote on merit and need. Fortunately, Post Falls and Lakeland school districts did not request a permanent levy, making them more likely to pass.

March 14 is election day. Early voting at the election office begins on February 27. March 3 is the last day for absentee ballot requests, available at or at the election office at 1808 N 3rd street. Your voting place is available online at ( or by calling the office.

-Ann Seddon


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