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CDA School Board Approves FY23/24 Budget

The Coeur d’Alene School Board met in a workshop on Monday to approve the FY 23/24 budget, go through a mandatory dyslexia training, and discuss the superintendent’s contract.

There was no discussion regarding the budget since they have already had meetings to go through each fund, so the vote to approve the $130 million budget was quick.

A quick note about the budget:

The proposed revenues for the FY23/24 year are $131 million, a 12% increase in funds over last year.

The proposed expenditures for the FY23/24 year are $130 million, a 13% increase over the last year.

The financial bottom line:

To view the entire FY23/24 budget, view/download the 95-page document here.


Dyslexia Training

During the 2022 Idaho legislative session, the legislature passed HB731 to focus elementary screening and professional development around dyslexia, the first of its kind in Idaho. The state now administers a dyslexia screening measure for identifying students with characteristics of dyslexia in K-5 as well as requiring elementary educators to be able to identify, and provide interventions for, the signs of dyslexia.

The board watched a video that was created to easily comprehend the Idaho Dyslexia Handbook; educators will also be using this video but the narrator was, ironically, reading directly from the Idaho Dyslexia Handbook.

One item to note is that there is no screening that will specifically identify dyslexia vs. normal literacy struggles (like kindergartners unable differentiate bs and ds). More screening will have to be done before determining a dyslexia diagnosis for an intervention plan. (Medical prognosis not available at school, family will have to go to a medical professional for true verdict.)

At the end of the workshop, the board went into executive session, assuming to discuss the superintendent’s contract. No action was taken on the contract at this time.

Next board meetings are scheduled for July 10 and August 14, both at 5pm at the Midtown Center Meeting Room.

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