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CDA Planning Commission Public Hearing Recap 8/8/23

Below is the recap from Tuesday's Coeur d'Alene Planning Commission public hearing. The 3 hour long meeting was primarily discussing the second request for Kaufman Estates so this recap is primarily about that plat. Both proposals, however, are interesting and informative.

North Idaho Archery

3846-3856 N Schreiber Way, CDA
Requests Special Use Permit in Manufacturing Zone

North Idaho Archery pro shop is asking for a special use permit (SUP) in a Manufacturing zone for the use of a warehouse space. The three owners are veterans and former law enforcement who opened up this archery business in the building 3 months ago before being told that they needed a special use permit.

Luckily, their business falls under the Manufacturing zoning allowances.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the special use permit.


Kaufman Estates

2.23 acre parcel at 2810 N. 17th St.
Requests PUD and subdivision to allow 9 twin homes, or 18 units, so that he can sell them individually.

Kaufman wants to take this property and smash 18 units into the 2.23 acre space to make it a "compact neighborhood."

The CDA 2042 Comprehensive Plan allows these compact neighborhoods all over that area.

Note that the current land use around that plat is mostly single family dwellings on acreage with surrounding duplexes in brown.

Customer Argument for Housing:

"There are a number of multifamily duplexes, some more condensed, PUD-style housing that are at that minimum [condensed] lot size. There is a trend in this area [15th Ave going E] that when a larger parcel has reached the end of it's useful life redevelopment is occurring in this area. It's actively occurring."
-Jeramie Terzulli, Olson Engineering, Development Team

Owner Todd Kaufman wants to bring people into this area for his company but they cannot afford housing. This is his solution to get outside people to move into the county.

If the twin home option was denied for the second time, the development team has come back with a less-than-ideal duplex option.

The best part of the entire public hearing was Commissioner Lynn Flemming commenting on the design of the twin homes.

Public Testimony

Neighbors testified in the public hearing; the testimony clip of the first neighbor is below but if you want to hear the full public testimony start the YouTube video here.

Commissioner Discussion

"Better plan than the one that was presented last year."

"Better potential down the road than the duplex."

"It feels very very dense. People say this is a single family neighborhood with a rural feeling/too many units for a small property."

"The neighborhood integrity is a big piece of [the puzzle], and I don't know if this is the right spot for that."

"I like that each home would be individually owned instead of a duplex which is investor-owned, but I just can't get past the neighborhood character and that this doesn't fit with that character."

"It's just not compatible with the neighborhood."

Ultimately, the Kaufman Estates PUD and subsequent subdivision requests were unanimously denied. The owner has 14 days to appeal the decisions.

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