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August 16 CDA City Council Notes

The CDA City Council meeting was contentious (aren’t they all these days?) but I’m happy to report that the council once again did not listen to anything the public was saying/requesting/suggesting. <<sarcasm>>

Here are my notes from the meeting:

Award Presentation

CDA Fire Inspector Craig Etherton presented 6 people with awards of exemplary service after they sprung into action at various emergencies in July. All 6 award winners were employees of the Hagadone Marina and all were recent graduates of the CDA Fire Department fire extinguisher training. Exemplary Action Awards to Donna Frederick, Reilley Chapman, Channing Elvidge, Jackson Call, Christian Ruehl, and Shado Nelson.

Public Comment

  • There were multiple public comments regarding a variety of topics. Highlights include:

  • Diana Sheridan spoke about Lynda Putz’s comments getting cut off at last meeting. Turns out the CDA attorney had to speak with Mayor Hammond and let him know he CANNOT cut off people’s comments. Diana also brought out 1964 Supreme Court case law stating that they have to sit and take the comments. It’s a good thing too, otherwise another gentleman who spoke later would have been cut off after he called a person “peckerhead” and said “he’s grown tired of this hateful bullshit.”

  • Dan Bell spoke next, piggybacking off what Diana Sheridan said. He reminded the mayor about the time he spoke to the KC Dems during his candidacy and Hammond had said that he preferred to remove open carrying guns in downtown Coeur d’Alene. Hammond called out to Dan Bell after he left the podium stating that he has never spoken with the KC Dems but, alas, Maury Povich has confirmed that his statement is INCORRECT.

  • Lynda Putz gave comment calling for Jennifer Drake’s resignation from the CDA Arts Commission.

  • Kaylee Peterson is running for US House District 1 as the Democrat candidate against Russ Fulcher. She said she was in CDA today because she “heard from some constituents that they were *terrified* that somebody’s 2nd amendment rights infringes on [her constituents’] safety. That somebody’s 1st amendment rights infringes on someone’s rights to live free of harassment.” She said that she was at a small event last weekend and she watched a convoy of trucks drive by with “white nationalist flags, with flags provoking violence, militias, hate groups…”

  • Alicia Abbot from the Idaho 0.97% came down from Sandpoint to give her $0.02 about Coeur d’Alene politics requesting that the city council “update their knowledge of white supremacy, especially Christian nationalism.

  • Ben Cooper commented with more questions than comments, specifically about Patriot Front being illegally arrested, does the CDA Police Department consider Antifa and SPLC as sources to focus on citizens, etc.

Financial Plan Update

  • The Lake District Urban Renewal District is closing but that does not stop the other URDs from gaining budgets for the rest of FY21-22.

  • Interesting slide in the presentation about the taxable valuation & new construction history and estimates. The FY23 levy rate is going down however because everyone’s housing valuation has gone up, the homeowner will be paying MORE in taxes.

  • Dan Gookin noticed that revenues from sales tax is not on the list of suggested budget changes. He was told today that sales tax is at a 10% increase from budget so he’s requested it be added to the list.

  • Highlights


  • Dan Gookin motions to defund CDA2030 stating that they are an independent organization without anything to really show for the $$$ the city gives to them.

  • City of CDA gives CDA2030 $40,000 each year.

  • Gookin would prefer to that the organization be dissolved and put as a sub-committee because they work with the CDA Planning & Zoning committee on a regular basis.

  • Two biggest donors to CDA2030 is the city of CDA and igniteCDA, both using taxpayer’s money to fund CDA2030.

  • Kiki Miller explains that CDA2030 has a new executive director and they’re working through things right now and the council should give them a year to stabilize and reevaluate their donation next year.

  • Gookin withdraws his motion.

Children Pedestrian Safety Program Grant

  • The CDA Parks Department applied and received a $225,000 grant from the Local Highway Technical Assistance Council “for building sidewalks, trails, and safe crossings for children to safely walk or bike to school.”

  • The intended use of the funds will continue the Prairie Trail to Huetter Rd. with partnership with Post Falls to extend the trail to Hwy. 41.

  • Gookin requests that they stop doing projects outside of the city limits, using city employees and materials on dirt that is not under the city’s purvue.

  • Still, motion passes.

Invocation Policy Amendment

  • As a continuation of the invocation discussion from last meeting, a resolution was created to “allow any non-profit faith-based organization within Kootenai County to provide invocations before Council meetings.”

  • The organization has to be registered within Kootenai County but no mention of the organization be registered as a federal non-profit.

  • Any organization who falls under the above guidelines can fill out a form and their name will go into a lottery. If their name is picked then they have the option to do the invocation.

  • No discussion about the people who have already signed up to do the invocations for the rest of the year.

  • Resolution passed with flying colors to go into effect in October. Anyone who had previously signed up is no longer on the list, they have to reapply to give city invocation.

  • Full resolution wording below:

After the invocation resolution the city council adjourned.

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