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All Hands on Deck: CDA2030 to have Public Hearing TODAY

As I was putting together my weekly list of meetings, I came upon an announcement on the City of CDA website that I hadn’t seen before. Turns out, the CDA2030 plan, also known as Envision CDA, is finally wrapping up the planning stage and is now in the public hearing stage. CDA2030 has graced us with an announcement, that was put on the website last Friday, about a public hearing for TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 8th.

We need everyone to come down to the public hearing to “share their thoughts” about the Agend- I mean CDA2030 plan before they put this plan into place.

Meeting starts at 5:30pm TONIGHT, Tuesday, February 8th, in the CDA Library Community Meeting Room.

Here’s a link to the plan to review.

I have pulled out some interesting slides to give you an idea about the plan.

Please come tonight and share your thoughts about this plan. Hope to see you there!

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Casey Whalen
Casey Whalen
Feb 08, 2022

For more here is a great resource from Karen regarding CdA2030:

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