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$80M Coeur d'Alene School Levy Failed

On Tuesday the voters let the CDA School District know how they felt about an $80 million levy the district was asking to pass. The levy failed because it didn’t meet the 55% approval threshold that was needed for a super majority.

The CDA School District has another chance to pass the levy on the November 8th ballot. If they so choose to ask for the levy on the November ballot, they must get the ballot language submitted to the Clerk’s office no later than September 9th.

It is assumed that the school board will soon call a special meeting to discuss the levy options so be on the lookout for that meeting on the calendar.

In other news around the region, the Plummer-Worley School District #44 Supplemental Levy passed 480 in favor of vs. 338 against. Voters approved a $627,500-per-year supplemental levy for two years, for a total of $1.255 million.

Between the CDA School District and the Plummer-Worley School District, only 21.1% of voters came out to the polls. Although that is higher than in previous August elections (always between 13%-15%), the voters in Kootenai County need to turn up better. As with the Post Falls School District levy 2 years ago, those in favor of the CDA levy will ramp up the awareness of their campaign so those against it will need to work together to continue to fight against unchecked spending and mismanaged budgets. We can do it!

Today is a VERY busy day for Kootenai County. The most important meetings of the week are happening today. Please check out the below meetings and try to go to one. Even if you can’t go, please spread awareness that these meetings are happening because these will impact all Kootenai County residents in the coming years.

  • 10:30am – Kootenai County Commissioners Impact Fees, Agenda

  • 1:00pm – Kootenai County Prosecutor Appointment, Agenda

  • 5:30pmSpecial Meeting Hayden City Council, Agenda

  • 6:00pm – Kootenai County FY23 Budget Hearing, Agenda


      • Aquifer Protection District

      • Kootenai County Emergence Medical Services (KCEMSS)

      • Kootenai County

I will be live Telegramming the County Prosecutor appointment meeting and the County budget hearing but won’t be able to make the impact fee meeting or the Hayden City Council special meeting. I am hoping others will be able to go out and support us at those meetings. Hope to see you there!

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