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Kootenai County Spectator 2022 Holiday Shop Local List

Wondering what to get your family this Christmas season? Wish that you could support local businesses that shared the same values as your family?

You’re in luck!

Kootenai County Spectator presents its 2nd annual 2022 Holiday Shop Local list for all your shopping needs this holiday season!

The Kootenai County Spectator Holiday Shop Local list is a community-sourced list that was born out of a community desire to support businesses that did not push mask/vaxx mandates on employees or customers and shared the same patriot/Christian values as the majority of Kootenai County.

This list is for you, from you. You have called out these businesses as being the county’s “good eggs” and I have compiled them into a one-page flyer. These businesses are also on the Kootenai County Spectator website, and I am currently in the process of linking to their social media to make them easier to find. Please bear with me as I would through this task.

If you see a business – especially a brick and mortar business – that is not on this list and share the same patriot/Christian values as the county majority, or if you see a business on this list that doesn’t share those values, please email me and let me know. The flyer won’t be changed for this season, but I will update the website as soon as I can.

Feel free to save the below graphic or download the pdf version here.

Thank you and happy shopping!

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