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10/20 Kootenai County Updates and Town Hall Tonight @7pm

I have notes from Kootenai County meetings this week below. I also have the flyer for the NIC Trustee candidate town hall tonight at Mica Flats Grange. Doors open at 6pm; seats are supposed to fill quickly so I hope to see you there!

Advisory Board Openings

There are multiple advisory board openings for 2023. See below for the current positions; all applications are due by December 15, 2022. The commissioners also encourage submitting a brief one page resume. Questions can be directed to BOCC staff at 208-446-1600. For more information or to apply online please see the Kootenai County Advisory Board webpage.

Kootenai County Elected Officials Meeting

County Emergency Plan – Still in draft form

  • The commissioners are in charge of shutting down the county facilities with the exception of the courts. One commissioner will be designated in charge and that designation between commissioners will rotate yearly.

  • Quarterly emergency tests/fire drills with commissioners will be conducted.

  • Courts are under state court/Idaho Supreme Court jurisdiction so under normal "emergency" situations like wind storms, snow storms, etc, they will have final say on if the courts will shut down.

    • This is all emergencies outside of active threat when the threat commander law enforcement has authority to shut down.

Holiday Schedule

  • Juneteenth is considered a "holiday" and most county offices are closed, including the courts.

    • Treasurer’s office open which means Building & Grounds open

  • Friday after Thanksgiving

    • Treasurer’s office will be closed

    • County offices will close at 3pm

Kootenai County Commissioners Business Meeting

Solid Waste and Sheriff Office MOU

  • Solid Waste has agreed to pay $92,957.00 to the KCSO in FY23 to help cover the cost of one full patrol position.

  • Regarding to law enforcement related to the rural collection sites throughout the county.

  • Annually recurring fee that will be adjusted as necessary during budget season.

  • Service was budgeted for; Solid Waste and Sheriff have already signed MOU, just needed BOCC signatures.

County Facilities Expansion Project

  • Architect met with City of CDA to meet with staff on project review and there were 4 main points discussed:

    • Design review

      • If the building is over 50,000 sqft they will have to go in for a design review with the city which will be a 2-3 month process.

      • If under 50,000 sqft still have to meet design standards but won’t have to go in front of design review committee.

      • Current facilities design is 59,000 sqft but if they remove the 4th floor of the proposed building they won’t have to go through design review process.

    • Lot consolidation

      • South property line is right up against the proposed building site so they will either have to have to a lot consolidation or lot line adjustment.

    • Sewer line issue

      • Sewer line design for new maintenance building crosses Garden Ave. And goes through parking lot before tying into main sewer line. They’re going to have to rip up Garden Ave, put in new sewer line and go down to Northwest Blvd and tie into the main sewer line that way.

    • Preliminary fees

      • Got preliminary fees from City of CDA on parking, sewer, etc. based on the proposed 59,000 sqft building design. If the building size goes down then the fees will go down.

      • There’s a bit of negotiation wiggle room on some, especially parking.

  • The commissioners have not made a final decision on the building design or size.

  • Each area of the building differs in the sqft costs ranging between $214-$580/sqft. The 4th floor is about 15,000sqft and is under review to see if the county can afford it or want to extend the design process by 2-3 months while going through the city’s design review committee. The average cost for the current 59,000 sqft design is $281/sqft.

  • Commissioners are hoping that the market prices of materials will lower and help with the overall cost.

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