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Trustees vote to look at Boyles Law Firm After Counsel Resigns

In a surprising move at Thursday's special meeting, the Community Library Network trustees vote to work with Boyles Law Firm to create a general counsel statement and engagement letter.

The Community Library Network was previously represented by Lake City Law Group, who sent in a letter of resignation that was read into the record at the start of the special meeting.

Vanessa Robinson was the dissenting vote saying that she feels the attorney position should have gone out to RFP, like the recent North Idaho College attorney vacancy. The entire attorney discussion was held in executive session so the public is not aware of what was said, but once the board came out of the executive session they voted to start working with Boyles Law in a vote of 3-1. Katie Blank was absent for the special meeting and therefore did not vote.

In other news, Anderson Bros finished the annual financial audit and they found that everything added up properly and nothing stood out as suspicious or outside of state statute.

Lastly, the trustees are starting the budget deliberations and will be having multiple budget meetings in the month of July. Confirmed July meetings are July 6, July 7. July 20, and July 25. There was discussion about also meeting on July 18 but a final decision on that date will be made at the July 6 meeting. All meetings will be held in Post Falls.

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