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Todd Banducci Needs Our Support

Todd Banducci on the NIC Board of Trustees is getting hammered by the liberals, trying to force him to resign from the board. There are people, Save NIC, Citizens for a Positive CDA, and other liberal groups, who are gathering signatures to present to the board on March 23rd as proof that the people don't want Todd as chair. This is our chance to show how many people support Todd Banducci and want to see NIC as a locally focused, conservative community college.

Please sign this letter; I will physically print out each person's letter and hand deliver it to the board at the March 23rd meeting.

Please share with EVERYONE and EVERY group that you know so we get MANY MANY signatures to present in person.

Click here or on the image below to add your signature to the letter.

In other news……

The Post Falls City Council decided to table the action item for accepting ARPA funds. The City Council President led the thoughtful discussion to make it happen. They listened and decided to table their vote, so they could learn more. Kerry Thoreson even stated she was “conflicted.”


The CDA City Council listened to the Our Gem Lake survey results that happened over the last year. To see the survey presentation click here.

The City Council also listened to Kiki Miller and her Regional Housing & Growth Issues Partnership presentation. In the presentation we find that a family of 4 needs to make a combined salary equating to $48.31/hour to afford to buy a house in Kootenai County. The group is looking into creative ways to increase housing inventory and hold it for local workers instead of out of state investors and developers. Higher density housing, land deed restrictions, and publicly funded land trusts. To view the entire presentation click here.


The Optional Forms of Government Study Commission met one last time as a tiny subcommittee to approve last week’s minutes. The meeting lasted less than 5 minutes and only had Dave Botting, Dave Levine, Phil Ward, and Bob Fish in attendance. I am not aware when this subcommittee was formed, why it was an informal meeting, why there were only 4 of 9 in attendance, and why they had action items when a quorum wasn’t met. Questions that will probably never be answered. The next step is the ridiculous “recommendation” will go in front of the county commissioners.


Don’t forget to check There are exciting upcoming events in the area and I wouldn’t want you to miss them!

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