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Kootenai County Swearing In Ceremony

The newly elected county officials were sworn in this morning to a packed room at the Kootenai County Administration building. The ceremony started off with the Honor Guard presenting the colors and invocation by Pastor Tim Remington of The Altar Church.

Outgoing Clerk Jim Brannon swears in incoming Clerk Jennifer Locke.

Jim Brannon gets a standing ovation for his services while Clerk.

Clerk Jennifer Locke sears in Commissioner Leslie Duncan.

Clerk Jennifer Locke swears in Commissioner Bruce Mattare.

The commissioners stopped the swearing-in ceremony for a moment to complete a bit of commissioner business to vote in a commissioner chair.

Commissioner Bill Brooks did not want to discuss in open session, he wanted to go into executive session so he could ask everyone why they would want to be chair. Mattare nominated Duncan, Brooks seconded. Mattare and Duncan voted for Duncan to be chair, Brooks abstained. Leslie Duncan becomes Chair for 2023.

Going back to the swearing-in ceremony, Leslie Duncan swears in Assessor Bela Kovacs.

Leslie Duncan swears in Coroner Dr. Duke Johnson.

Leslie Duncan swears in Treasurer Steve Matheson.

Once Matheson gave the shortest speech ever, the ceremony was concluded and everyone celebrated with cookies and merriment.


The commissioners were back at 1:30pm for a special meeting to divide up liaison responsibilities between them. In the end, the liaison responsibilities are as follows:


Public Defender – Leslie

Conflict attorney program – Leslie

Parks/Waterways – Leslie

Airport – Bruce

Community Development – Bill

Resource Management Office – Bruce

Information Technology - Bruce

Juvenile Detention – Bruce

Juvenile Probation – Bruce

Solid Waste – Bill

Building/Grounds – Leslie

Snowgroomers – Leslie

Veterans Services – Bill

Adult Misdemeanor Probation - Bruce

Noxious Weeds – Leslie

BOCC Administration – Leslie (as chair)

Advisory Boards

Aquifer Protection District – Leslie

Historic Preservation Commission – Bruce

North Idaho Fair Board – Bill

Snowmobile Advisory Board – Leslie

Board of Community Guardians – Bill

Airport Advisory Board – Bruce

Planning/Zoning – Bill

Fleet Management

Parks/Waterways – Leslie

AMP – Leslie

Elected Officials

Sheriff – Bill

Clerk – Bruce

Coroner – Bruce

Prosecutor – Bruce

Treasurer – Leslie

Assessor – Leslie

District Judges - Leslie

Community Board Positions

Basin Commission – Leslie (Bill-alternate)

CDA Economic Development – Leslie? (this is the only one I didn’t get)

CDA Chamber of Commerce – Bruce

Post Falls Chamber of Commerce – Bill

Hayden Chamber of Commerce - Leslie

Centennial Trails- Leslie

Hayden Area Regional Sewer Board – Leslie (Bruce-alternate)

Panhandle Health District – Bill (Opening on board in June 2023)

Kootenai County EMS Joint Powers Board – Bruce

Kootenai Metropolitan Planning Organization – Bruce (Bill-alternate)

North Idaho Crisis Center – Bill

Panhandle Area Council – Leslie (Bruce-alternate)

Local Emergency Planning Committee – Bruce

Rathdrum Chamber of Commerce – Leslie

UofI Extension Office – (redoing contracts) Bruce

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