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North Idaho College Calls Special Meeting Saturday, 12/10

The North Idaho College board of Trustees is calling for another special meeting, this time for Saturday afternoon at 3:00pm. Zoom link {}

(Here's a link to yesterday's meeting and my recap if you haven't had a chance to watch it yet.)

Here's the agenda for tomorrow's special meeting:

Along with the agenda came a description of the Board of Trustees Support position:

There is a presentation attached to the board packet:

I have a feeling it is going to be a packed house tomorrow so if you attend in person I recommend you arriving early.

One more bit of controversy that has arisen in the last 24 hours:

This morning faculty and staff at NIC received an unsolicited email from "NIC Deserves Better" to their NIC email address. This email is calling for all faculty and staff to organize against the college and the board because they voted to place President Swayne on administrative leave and bring back former interim president Mike Sebaaly. This email was confirmed to have come from the Borrenpohl household; Teresa Borrenpohl recently unsuccessfully ran for Democrat Idaho state representative and Friends of NIC compatriot. Take this info and the email as you will.


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