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NIC Board of Trustees Meeting Recap 12/5/22

Updated: Dec 7, 2022

This board meeting is the first meeting after the November 8 general election. This meeting was supposed to take place on November 16 and was pushed back to November 30 to give the new board members time to get sworn in and sat before the end of the month. Because the region got too much snow and school was cancelled that day (😐) the meeting was rescheduled to December 5.

I’m going to hit each agenda topic in bullet point form; this meeting was almost 3 hours long and if you want to see the play by play you can read it on the Kootenai County Spectator Telegram channel starting here. The YouTube page has been updated with that meeting video and you can find it here.

This is a long and tedious recap with some spicy moments sprinkled in. I have created a drop down for each agenda item so you can jump right to that part if you only have a limited amount of time to read.

Canvass of Trustee Election

  • Director of Finance Sarah Garcia updated everyone on the final vote count for the trustee race in the general election.

  • Final vote:

    • Zone 1: Ron Hartman - 26,608, Tarie Zimmerman - 28,353

    • Zone 2: Brad Corkill - 27,662, Diana Sheridan - 27,220

    • Zone 5: Pete Broschet - 25,240, Mike Waggoner - 29,162

Election of Officers/Appointment of External Liaisons

Public Comment

Celebrating Success: New Location for NIC at Sandpoint

Constituent Reports

President's Report

Chair Remarks

Consent agenda – Approved.

Approval of Meeting Minutes for October 24, 2022 – Approved.

Action: Accept NIC Financial Audit for Year Ending June 30, 2022

Action: POST Detention Academy Student Fee

Action: Legal Counsel Services/Clarification

Action: Policy #7.01.04 Continuous Professional Service Contracts

Action: Trustees’ Path to Saving Accreditation, Resolution(s)

Action: Amend Previous Minutes

Discuss Upcoming Agenda Topics

Action: New Trustee Onboarding/Action: Board Training (it all kind of ran together)

Action: Change Date of December 19, 2022 Board Meeting

Remarks for the Good of the Order

Meeting adjourned at 8:44pm.

Updated to correct the trustee who had seen the financial audit before the meeting and add the YouTube video.


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