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Kootenai County Sheriff Advisory Group Update Feb. 2022

While the rest of the city was watching the CDA City Council meeting with rapt attention, the Kootenai County Sheriff Advisory Group met for its February meeting. Sheriff Norris and Deputy Nick Franssen, Sheriff Community Liaison, led the discussion about what has been happening in the county.

Highlights from the Sheriff's Citizens Advisory Group by group member William Le:

  • There was 3 shootings and 5 barricaded suspect incidents in the last month.

  • SWAT was deployed 22 times in the last 8 months. (Normally only 1-2 times a YEAR.)

  • Worst violent crimes month ever for Deputy Franssen in all 15 years of his career with Kootenai Sheriffs. (Deputy Franssen is born and raised in Kootenai County.)

  • Hayden has 0.22 deputies per capita; Kootenai 2.0; Post Falls 1.2.

  • Kootenai jail is at 95% capacity, and standards advise for 80% capacity to allow flex.

  • There are several MS-13, Norteños, and Crips gang members in the Kootenai jail. Most are residents in Spokane, but they commit crimes here in Kootenai.

  • Sheriff Norris will be running a townhall on February 23rd to provide an "After Action Report" (AAR) on the hostage/officer-involved-shooting (OIS) that happened in Dalton Gardens. This is important to have when harrowing incidents like this happen to let constituents know how Kootenai Sheriffs handled it and provide leadership to the community.

Thanks, Will, for the update!

This is what is happening NOW with the influx of people, with an assist by Washington for not allowing their police to police. What is going to happen when the city of Coeur d’Alene allows even more residents into the city due to the new standards of their CDA2030 Comprehensive Plan? Not to mention if they decide to link transit systems between Coeur d’Alene and Spokane! <<angry face>>

This influx of people, along with the lack of employees, is making it truly difficult to keep a fully-staffed team at the department. EVERY position that touches the Sheriff’s office has openings. Sheriff Norris said that they have lifted most requirements to be able to apply, and if they don’t get people in these positions emergency services will be collapsing SOON. If you or someone you know needs a job, please check out the job listings page.

Along with this great information by Sheriff Norris and Deputy Nick, they also handed out Dec. 2021 data surrounding the county jail. Things are dire over there and they need help. Check out the below stats and if it moves you to apply for a position or help fight against county growth you are helping a great cause.

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