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Kootenai County Commissioners Meetings Update

Kootenai County Commissioners Status Update 2/14

GTN XPress Pipeline Project

  • A local senator has asked for a letter of support from the commissioners.

  • States east and west of us are not supportive of fossil fuels and this letter is to show support for the pipeline that’s already in the ground. For expanding this project – expanding capacity of this pipeline.

  • BOCC approves of support. Will draft and send letter.

Kootenai Health Consent to Conversion - Kootenai County Board of Commissioners Contract - Transportation Services Agreement

  • In the process of Kootenai Health transferring from a hospital district to a 501c3 KH has to get all of their 4000 contracts signed by their partners.

    • Kootenai County is a partner in this one transportations services agreement.

  • Commissioners discussed whether they would approve/sign new contract, would they deny signing the contract due to the shadiness/lack of public involvement/transparency of which Kootenai Health went through the 501c3 board vote.

    • Commissioner says it was like Kootenai Health said “we’re going to do this but we don’t know what the ramifications are.” “Hello? Federal government much?”

  • Commissioners holding on signing contract so Duncan can speak with some stakeholders and see what the ramifications would be to the county if they didn’t sign it.

Grant Process

  • There is a department in the county that helps with the process of acquiring grants (Resource Management Office or RMO).

  • Commissioner Mattare hoping it could be used to help defray homeowner tax burden, if possible. If they’re seeing grants it should be so they don’t have to look to the homeowner to help pay for county services in exchange.

  • Mattare is looking to the BOCC for direction on a draft mission statement for RMO to be a supporting role within the county and the department heads.

  • Mattare put together a draft checklist sheet so that RMO, Auditing, and Legal can provide advice to department heads/elected officials that are looking to acquire a grant, and those 3 services double-check that we are within compliance of those grants. To help streamline and assist acquiring grants.

  • RMO is focused primarily on ARPA and transportation grants right now.

  • The county already has a condensed contract cover sheet, Duncan asks if they can just make it a contract/grant cover sheet. “Yes, this is just an idea. Last week we had about 600 pages to go through so anything we can do to convey information quickly and easily that something has been reviewed helps the process.” -Mattare

    • The condensed contract cover sheet is through OnBase [contract management platform]. Talking about tweaking some things so the BOCC has access to information immediately.

  • BOCC is going to wait on this currently, come back with a policy after Duncan shows Mattare the condensed contract cover sheet. Once Mattare has a draft policy he will present it to the BOCC, run it through Legal, and put it on a Business Meeting to be approved.


Kootenai County Commissioners Business Meeting 2/14

Account payables for the week of February 6-10

$911,060.32 and PCard expenses $21,831.79 for a total of $932,892.11

Independent Contractor Services/McCrite/County Assistance, Grace Blomgren

  • Requesting to hire an independent contractor for County Assistance. Individual is prior County Assistance employee and manager. Understands process for suspended cases – they have 6 left to close out. The hope is also that she will also be able to impart her knowledge on the staff. They have money in B Budget to cover costs. Motion is to approve this contractor for employment between Feb 22, 2023 – March 31, 2023, for no more than $4800.00. Motion passes.

Board Approval Request: 2023 FTA Certifications and Assurances/Resource Management Office, Chad Ingle

Purchase of Service Agreement MV Transportation Paratransit/Demand Response Public Transportation/MV Transportation/Resource Management Office, Chad Ingle

  • For management and operation of paratransit and demand response services.

  • Term of the agreement is for 3 years with 2 year options.

  • Legal has reviewed and approved contract.

  • Grant-funded by the FTA 5307 funds.

Kootenai County Fire & Rescue Fire District Annexation/Heilman

  • Legal reviewed annexation petition. It was published and approved appropriately.

  • Property is located at 217 S Bandsaw Trail, CDA

Board Approval Request: Capital Criminal Defense Provider Agreement/Latah County/Public Defender

  • This is for our public defender to provide capital defense services in Latah County. (Latah County does not have a public defender certified/experienced enough to take on a capital case and Kootenai County does which is one of the reasons why they asked help from Kootenai.)

Board Approval Request: Airport Advisory Board Appointments/Expire 12/31/23 /O’Connell/ Moos/ Genter

  • There is one open spot left on the Airport Advisory Board.

  • Mattare was taking on the applications and speaking with the applicants. Has recommended Eric Moos, a commercial pilot. Formerly a Marine Corps officer who led a F-18 Hornet flight wing and a local who graduated from CHS.

  • Commissioner Brooks suggests keeping Joan Genter on the board because she’s been there a long time and done good work.

  • Duncan in favor of Moos, there’s an opportunity for Genter to still be on with the board.

  • Motion passes to approve Moos to the board, 2-1. Brooks dissenting.

Board Approval Request: Addition of 2 Alternates/Airport Advisory Board

  • With everything happening with the Airport Advisory Board and changes, Mattare thought it’d be appropriate to add a few alternates like the North Idaho Fair board.

  • Motion approved to add 2 alternates to the Airport Advisory Board.

Board Approval Request: Appointment of Alternates/Airport Advisory Board/Expire 12/31/23

  • Mattare asks to approve Joan Genter and Frank O’Connell as alternates to maintain some continuity on the board.

  • Mattare wants to attend Advisory Meeting (today at 5pm) to remind them of the purpose of the board including:

    • Reports to the BOCC.

    • Cannot affect airport operations directly.

    • Their role is to seek information and provide guidance and recommendations to the BOCC.

    • Airport management is to reasonably assist and report on any issues it believes may not be conducive to that effort.

    • Mattare wants to attend the meeting and propose to the board that they also evaluate processes, procedures, documentation and matters that will be brought before the BOCC that may include lease application processes (hello AVports!) and take a look at the leases that come through the airport. Also complaint management resolution systems, communication procedures with airport stakeholders and any other processes that may affect the airport stakeholders.

      • After discussion, Mattare will ask them to make a recommendation of what type of leases need to be evaluated by the Airport Advisory Board and what can be bypassed.

  • Motion passes to approve two alternates and allow Mattare to speak at tonight’s advisory board meeting and discuss board purpose.

Resolutions to Classify/Destroy Records /KCSO per Idaho code/Sheriff/Records

Resolution 2023-20/#6985 Asset Resolution: Knuckleboom Crane/Solid Waste

  • In January 2023 this crane was replaced; this particular crane was traded in for $8000 to use towards new crane. When new crane came in January, they took the old crane with them so it’s no longer in the county’s possession. Now they have to get it off the county’s asset list.

  • Crane is the equipment to top-load trailers that goes to the landfill.

  • Solid Waste asks that this crane be declared surplus and remove it from the county’s asset list.

  • Resolution 2023-20 #6985

Resolution 2023-21/#6738 Asset Resolution: Ricoh Multi-Function Machine/Solid Waste

  • In the last few months Solid Waste replaced their multi-function copier machine at the administration office at the Ramsey Transfer Station.

  • Solid Waste asks that this old copier be declared surplus and remove it from the county’s asset list.

  • Resolution 2023-21 #6738

Public Comment

  • There was an interesting commenter from Hayden Lake, trying to get an easement or something with the sewer line and the City of Hayden Lake is uncooperative and not giving her what she was required to pay for. The word corruption was used a few times in her comment. The Attorney General’s office says she has to go to the county first before they can take over anything and this commenter didn’t know where to go. Commissioner Duncan pointed her in the direction of the County Prosecutor’s office.


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