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Hayden Planning & Zoning Commission Notes from November 27


Below are the notes for the Hayden Planning & Zoning Commission meeting on November 27. They are laid out by agenda item after the approval of the consent calendar.

Full video is available here.

Public Hearing for the Richards Conditional Use Permit

First and Third

The property is located at 11416 N Carisa Ct, Hayden. The property, owned by Lars and Paige Richards, is approximately 0.623 acres and is zoned Light-Industrial (L-I). The applicant has retrofitted the building’s existing warehouse to provide batting cages and a space for indoor baseball and softball practices for local teams.

Aside: The Richards business is First & Third, a baseball and softball training facility that uses state of the art technology to enhance skills and comprehensive training evaluations. This is going to be a huge asset for Hayden and the softball/baseball community as it will give the players an indoor facility to train.

Conditional Use Permit passed.

Community Development Director's Report

Upcoming Planning & Zoning Commission meeting dates are scheduled for December 4th and 18th. There will be a joint workshop with the Hayden City Council on December 11th.

Connect Kootenai (previously CDA2030 and Regional Housing and Growth Issues Partnership) will be having a year recap about what they have been doing in 2023 and will be having a roundtable with “a variety of entities to come share opportunities that are available for planning and zoning-related behaviors.” Meeting will be on Wednesday, December 13.

WORKSHOP: Continue discussion of PZC regarding possible Comprehensive Plan amendments

Continuation of last P&Z workshop where Chair Alan Davis presented some alternatives to the Comprehensive Plan goals consolidating them into 8 goals from the 19 that are currently in the plan. The next step is to take the 24 policies and determine how to align them to the 8 goals.

Current Goals According to 2040 Comprehensive Plan

Alternative Consolidated Goals Presented by Alan Davis

These are only for discussion before presenting these ideas in the joint workshop with City Council on December 11th.

Goal 1 The Comprehensive Plan is a living document and serves as a guide for development; components of the Comprehensive plan are updated as necessary to reflect the community’s vision. (Current goal 2)

Goal 2 The City of Hayden will promote and actively participate in intergovernmental coordination efforts at the regional and at the local level. (Current goal 1)

Goal 3 While protecting and strengthening existing neighborhoods, maintain an attractive and balanced mix of land use zones and housing options that promote responsible growth decisions. All development will consider and implement adequate parks and open leisure space for each neighborhood. Parks and leisure space will provide a variety of recreational opportunities and compliment their associated neighborhood. (Combined current goals 3, 5, 7, 11 & 17)

Goal 4 Developed land will be serviced by adequate, planned, environmentally-sound public facilities and utilities to maintain infrastructure integrity and provide reliable service. Ensure infrastructure development costs are shared equitability. Hayden will prioritize developing land inside her borders ahead of seeking adjacent land annexation. (Combined current goals 4, 8, 10, 15)

Goal 5 Solidify a central business district (CBD) that encourages and supports locally owned businesses and provides Hayden citizens employment opportunities. Augment the CBD by maintaining commercial uses along Hayden’s primary transportation corridors. (Combined current goals 6, 7)

Goal 6 Promote neighborhood pedestrian and non-motorized interconnectivity between neighborhoods and throughout the CBD. Establish neighborhood notes that reduce traffic and increase community. (Combined current goals 13, 18, 19)

Goal 7 Protect, preserve and be stewards of our environment’s natural areas and resources which enhance the quality of life in the City. (Combined current goals 9, 14)

Goal 8 Ensure that ordinances and policies do not violate private property rights, adversely impact property values or create unnecessary limitations on land use. (Current goal 16)

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