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Coeur d'Alene City Council Welcomes New Mayor

From Telegram by artist Troublemaker.

The first 2022 Coeur d’Alene City Council meeting was held last night at the CDA Library and we said goodbye to Mayor Steve Widmyer and hello to Mayor Jim Hammond. We also said hello to 4 more years of Kiki Miller, Amy Evans, and Woody McEvers.

Fun fact about taking the CDA oaths of office: Municipal Services Director Renata McLeod reads the oath to the person and then at the end the person says “I Swear.” The oath is not repeated back at any point unless someone accidentally starts repeating it back which is what Kiki Miller did during her oath last night. But that is not the norm.

There was one piece of public comment by Kara Claridge and it was asking why the CDA Library Board of Trustee meetings are still 100% on Zoom instead of in-person like every other meeting in North Idaho. Kiki Miller, as the council liaison to the library, said that there are some older trustees and they are worried for their health. Claridge pointed out that there’s a few older city council members meeting in person and if we could all be here at a city council meeting then the library board could all be together at a library board meeting.

The first piece of business for the new mayor was leading the group to electing a new council president and the annual committee assignments. Woody McEvers was voted in as the council president for 2022 and all committee assignments stayed as they were last year. Mayor Hammond said that we could look at them again later in the year if anyone wanted a change. He also said that if anyone wanted to sit in a different location on the stage to just let him know; he will change sitting positions based on seniority.

The last piece of business was to recess the meeting, however it will only recess until they have an ARPA workshop on January 10th at 12:00pm. I will be there to live-Telegram the event in case anyone wants to join me…I’m sure it will be a riveting time.

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