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CDA Parks & Rec Commission Updates 12/20

The Coeur d’Alene Parks and Recreation Committee met yesterday and there were 3 main updates:

  1. The Persons Field restrooms have been demolished.

  2. The Inland Northwest Pickleball Club is one step closer to being able to construct 7 new pickleball fields at Cherry Hill.

  3. Bill Greenwood gave a presentation overview of the Parks Department.

I know the CDA Park & Rec Commission sounds a little boring compared to some of the other meetings or evens happening around the region but sometimes it's nice to be able to get back to the roots of the city...even if it means sitting through a "boring" meeting. :)

I pulled out a few tidbits about each below:

  • Last budget season the Parks Department allocated budget for new restrooms at Persons Field. The old restrooms were demolished last week. New restrooms should be done in late Spring.

  • The board had an action item: to approve/not approve a Memo Of Understanding with Inland Northwest Pickleball Club to build 7 new pickleball courts.

    1. The city has identified a location at Cherry Hill west of existing courts and south of Fire Station #3

    2. The 7 new courts will be built by Pickleball Club with funds raised by the club.

    3. The courts will belong to the city and will belong to the public except for tournaments.

  1. Craig Wolf, President Inland Northwest Pickleball Club got up to speak a bit about the club:

    1. 380-ish members right now.

    2. In 2020, pickleball grew 20% around country.

    3. CDA has become a destination city for pickleball.

    4. The Boys & Girls Club is available for games during winter; has 3 courts available at $3/day each.

    5. Since October 2021, $3000 has gone to Boys & Girls Club for court fees.

    6. Club is in discussion with Senior Professional Pickleball Association for bringing their regional tournament here.

    7. Between CDA and Post Falls there’s more pickleball courts than Spokane.

    8. Very few indoor courts in this region until The Hub in Liberty Lake.

    9. They have players ranging from age 12 to 80.

  2. Motion to approve MOU passes. Will go to General Services at their next meeting on Monday, 12/27, and if approved will go to City Council in January (at earliest)

  • Bill Greenwood presentation from Parks Department – Overview of Parks Department, hasn’t been shown to the board in a few years, thought it’d be fun to see what they do.

  1. Department duties:

    1. Remove fallen trees.

    2. Keep up parks.

    3. Keep up green spaces in CDA.

    4. Restore after vandalism.

    5. Rock graffiti cleanup kit involves multiple spray can colors, they spray the rocks, rub some dirt on it and it pretty much camouflages every graffiti.

  • Next meetings

    1. January 4, 11:30am Workshop

    2. January 24, 5:30pm

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