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CDA Arts Commission Recap 1/25

The Kootenai County Spectator is a one person show and as a wife, mom, homeschool teacher, sports taxi, and newfound political junkie I can’t do everything myself! :D That’s ok! The Spectator group is full of amazing people wanting to get involved. If you decide you want to go to a meeting and find out some interesting tidbits, send them my way and I’ll put them on the website. The more we know about these meetings the better we’ll be in the end.

Yesterday’s Coeur d’Alene Arts Commission meeting was attended by Telegram member Patriot#1456423 and he sent along some notes. I know this meeting always takes place at 4pm on the 4th Tuesday of the month and that’s a difficult time to attend for a lot of people so THANK YOU Patriot for representing us and getting the word out!

CDA Arts Agenda page 1
CDA Arts Agenda page 2

Two new art commissioners voted on tonight. Goes to mayor and council for the vote next Tuesday. One of the commissioners is an artist, Abby Light. Her own artwork is ...well...I don't think the people of Idaho would like it. Now that doesn't mean she will be pushing her artwork on the people, but the mindset should be addressed. This is Abby Light's book recommendation.

The meeting also addressed what I understood as an out-of-town artist working with Seattle, on an illuminated metal art piece costing up to $90k for the city. Didn't get a great look at it, but something about a fish.

One decent project was a Mudgy and Millie project for local artist, only about $7k dollar budget. Something about storm drain awareness and signage in the area.

A good piece of news, the CDA 2030 agent known as Ali Shute is stepping down, but Abby Light may be entering the arena. Both Ali and Abby are the individuals who run the CDA Arts & Culture Alliance. Abby recently joined as the Program Coordinator after being in Calgary, AB for the past 8 years. Ali Shute is the current Executive Director.

To learn more abut the CDA Arts & Culture Alliance go to their website

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