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Calypsos is LYFE

Calypsos finally has some LYFE breathed into it after a rocky year and a half.

Does the name Calypsos Coffee Roasters ring a bell? If so it's probably because they made such a stink about people protecting the downtown CDA area last June, and they're employees were so scared about "armed vigilantes" that they had to close early every night. Those "armed vigilantes," who made sure Calypsos' windows never got smashed and their business was not destroyed, found out about the management's comments that none of them ever stepped foot in there again.

Come to find out that decision made a difference.

At the beginning of November, Calypsos owner Diane Rueber announced that she was selling the business.

Luckily for us, the new owners are Dave and Brooke Miller (owners of the Beau Monde chain of businesses) and 2 partners, and *highly* patriotic. First order of business was changing the name from Calypsos to LYFE Coffee Roasters and Public House. LYFE = Live Your Freedom Everyday.

Today was the first day of ownership and they already have well-known patriots stop by to check it out.

According to the flyer, LYFE will be open now until January 14th when it will close for 4 days to remodel. After that they will be open full time. I will updated this post when I have the actual hours.

This will also be the spot for the 1st ever Kootenai County Spectator meetup after the remodel is complete - looking at Sunday, January 23rd for the tentative date. Look for more details soon.

One final note, previous owner Diane Rueber and her son RJ (who made the degrading comments in June 2020) are now both back in California, where they were living when they bought Calypsos online back in 2017.

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