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Kootenai County BOCC Business Meeting Update 1/2/24

1-2-24 Business Meeting

This is a bullet pointed recap of the Commissioner’s Business meeting from January 2, 2024. Full meeting below or livestreamed here


Bid-Award Bid#2023-07 / East Cell Expansion Phase E3 / Solid Waste

Department has budgeted all funds for this project.


Bid-Award Bid#2023-08 / Wheel Loader (Waste Handler) / Solid Waste

For Prairie Transfer station

Department has budgeted all funds for this purchase.


Bid-Award Bid#2023-09 / 4 Transfer Trailers / Solid Waste

Department has budgeted all funds for this project.


Board Approval Request: SeaWestern Fire Fighting Equipment Estimate / Sheriff

Requests additional money for the breathing air filling station for the dive team. Money was already approved but due to prices increasing and changing companies, the new cost is going to be more than originally budgeted last year. Original cost was $15,000, now will be an additional $12k totaling $27,000. Of the new amount, $6k will come from dive team operation budget and $6,587k will come from vessel fund account.


Axon Taser 10 funding finalization / Axon Enterprise, Inc., Kyle Hunt / Sole Source Procurement / Sheriff/Patrol


This is a continuation from last week’s business meeting. Axon Enterprise owns Taser and sole source for taser devices. Taser is discontinuing model that the KCSO uses but did not make the department aware until the end of August 2023, which made it too late to get into the FY24 budget. KCSO is looking to replace all tasers at once, 78 units, to cover Patrol. Axon has also changed the way they sell the Tasers; no longer do they sell one unit, it now comes with the unit, certification of said unit, 10 cartridges, any replacement cartridges if the taser is used, instructor certification training, and training suits. The contract covers a 5-year agreement: the 1st year will cost $38,666 which is $22,666 more than what the KCSO budgeted in FY24 for taser replacement but that was because they did not get it added to the FY24 budget in time. Moving forward, the cost for years 2-5 will be included in the FY budgets.


After a week of searching, the Sheriff Department cannot come up with a way to cover the purchase cost so they are requesting general fund to cover the remaining balance of $22,666.16.


Memorandum of Understanding / Veterans Treatment Court / Specialty Court / Adult Misdemeanor Probation

Request for MOU to start a Veterans Treatment Court. Not asking for money up front from county, right now there’s a small number of participants (25 max) and looking to grow. Judge Anna Eckhart will work these few cases into her daily docket to try to keep overtime at a minimum. No additional hires are necessary right now but looking to hire another admin position next year, built into FY25 budget. This will be similar to mental health court. After MOU is signed, the application documentation must be sent to the state, meeting happens in February, and a 6-month waiting period after application is approved so they’re hoping to be ready by mid-2024.


County Department Annual Report: Public Defender / Auditor

Public Defense report must be sent annually to Idaho Public Defense Commission in Boise. This is for BOCC sign off on report before sending.


Board Approval Request: Janitorial Service Contract Approval / Building and Grounds

Building and Grounds wants to terminate contract with ABM and approve contract with Environment Control. Three full-time janitors start today.


Advisory Board - Appointment / Parks & Waterways

Don Warner Term Expiring 12-31-26

Gary Schmidt Term Expiring 12-31-26

Jeffrey Stagner Term Expiring 12-31-24


Updated Lease Agreement for Blackwell Island Boathouse / Hagadone Marine Group / Parks & Waterways

On September 13th the BOCC approved the annual lease with the boathouse but Hagadone has some lease language changes so Director Nick Snyder is looking to get it approved.


Mowry State Park
MOU Between Kootenai County and Venture 6, LLC for Ingress and Egress for the County's Maintenance of Mowry State Park - 2023 / Berg / Parks & Waterways

This is to maintain Mowry State Park. Because this is a boat-only access park it is critical that it continues to be maintained.


Turner Point
Turner Point Fixed Pier Dock Construction Agreement / Stancraft Marine Construction / Parks & Waterways

This is contract with Stancraft Marine for $43,900 for construction of a fixed pier on Turner Point Boat Launch on east side of Lake CDA. Funding for project provided by Avista Utilities so no expense to county.


Board Approval Request: Joint Powers Centennial Trail RTP Grant Letter of Support / Parks & Waterways

The Joint Powers Centennial Trail Maintenance Committee has identified 2 miles of trail that need to be replaced, to which 1 mile of trail is in Kootenai County jurisdiction. The other mile is in City of Post Falls jurisdiction. Post Falls is volunteering to author the grant and if it is successful then the county would manage the project on behalf of the Joint Powers. Matching funds of $90,000 will come from Joint Powers account and are working with the North Idaho Centennial Trail Foundation for additional contributing funds. Asking BOCC for a letter of support for the grant.


Resolution 2023-89 / Resolution 2023-89 for the Vacation Donation Program policy / Human Resources

Resolution for the Vacation Donation Program policy that was approved at the Human Resources meeting on December 7, 2023.

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