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Today is Voting Day

I don't have time to write much because IT'S VOTING DAY! Everyone should have a good idea of who they're going to vote for and if you don't, or know someone who doesn't send them the image below to get them off on the right foot. Heather Scott said it best, "there are numerous critical positions conservatives need to win. Most of these positions are currently filled with liberals or RINOs because in the past, many Republicans didn't take local elections seriously enough to show up and vote."

Need some help finding your polling location? Look up your polling place.

Want to help hand out ballot suggestions? (especially in Rathdrum) Sign up here.

Want to know what is on your ballot in advance? Well, there are 43 different ballot styles that are based on your address and which taxing districts you live in. You can give it a shot here.

I hope that everyone takes the time to vote in today's election. Not only is it our civic duty as Americans but this election is the MOST important election for Kootenai County as those elected today are the ones who will affect our lives DAILY for years to come. It is our time to stand up and vote out the establishment.

Text everyone you know and remind them to vote!

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