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Community Library Network Special Meeting

The Community Library Board came together in a special meeting to discuss a new chunk of money that has recently been earmarked for the library network. Due to the closure of the Center Point Urban Renewal District, there is approximately $81,390 leftover in the URD account that is to be given to the library network.

These leftover URD funds come from the area's growth: the increase in property values between the time the URD opened 20 years ago and the property values today when the URD closed. This one-time chunk of money is only because of the URD's closure; it would raise the FY24 total budget which the board would then have to reduce next year during the FY25 budget discussion (because this is not a reoccurring revenue source). Clear as mud?

This money discussion lasted over 45 minutes and ultimately the board's vote to accept this income failed. After the failed motion there was no other motion and no direction was given as to where this money would go, whether into library forgone taxes or back to the city. The board just moved forward with the next agenda item.

The next agenda item turned into a little bit of a spicy discussion. Vanessa Robinson asked what the deal was about an email going around about having security at the budget public hearing on Thursday. Director Alexa said she had a discussion with a Post Falls Police patrol lieutenant about providing security for the budget hearing "because the police have been called to come to some of our meetings by a trustee in the past."

Turns out that because people have been informing the public that the budget hearing is set for Thursday and they have been urged to come and be apart of the hearing in person, that was cause for potentially needing security. A potential for a large amount of people sitting in a small room for a long time was apparently enough to think about needing security. The police department is short-staffed and cannot provide security, however an overflow room is being proactively set up in case it is needed to quell a potentially large crowd. <<insert unamused emoji here>>

The video clip is fun to watch and the viewer almost needs popcorn.

Unfinished Business

Tim Plass has asked multiple times for a ledger balance, bank statement, or SOMETHING that shows what the library's cash balance is right before they receive tax payments. He still hasn't received the balance and he *may* get it by the next regular meeting.

Katie Blank has asked for a discussion about the attorney contracts to be placed on the August 17th agenda. Rochelle states that she is hesitant to place the contract discussion on the agenda because the Boyles contract is already signed and she doesn't want the horrid spectacle that happened at the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce to happen in the meeting. Not sure what happened at the Chamber of Commerce but by the end of this discussion there were accusations from everything from a clown show would ensue if they discussed the (signed) attorney contracts in the meeting to trustees are trying to hide something if it is not discussed. No decision was made before the meeting adjourned. Bizarre.

Next Steps

After Thursday's public budget hearing, the board will set the date of the meeting to adopt the FY24 budget. Possible date(s): Thursday, August 24 or Thursday, August 31.

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